Opening Hours Waldruhe

Opening Hours

from 03. december 2019
hour 11:00-16:00/ 18:00-22:00 

Hot food served from: 12:00-15:00 / 18:00-21:30

Cell.: +39 327 6607876



Hotel Restaurant Waldruhe

Forststraße 1

39029 Sulden

How to reach us

Comming from Prad/Gomagoi:
If you come from Prad/Gomagoi, you will find the following crossroad.  

Please turn left in direction of “Ruhmwald”. 

Follow the street for approximately 500 meters. After the 4. u turn you will find our driveway on the left. 

Follow the street trough the wood for 1 km and you will arrive directly to our hotel. 

Arriving from Solda: 

Drive through Solda until you arrive at the following crossroad.

Choose the left and follow the street, passing by the Messner Moutain Museum.

After approximately 1 km you will find the entry of our driveway on the right. 

Follow the street trough the woods for 1 km and you will be directly in front of our hotel.